REtina consultants of Puerto Rico

Your First Visit & Physician Referrals

One of the many things we do to try and make your first visit to RCPR a smooth and pleasant experience is to provide you with the various medical forms to fill out in advance of your visit.

Prepare for Your Visit

Patient Registration Form

1. Please complete these forms.
2. Please bring a drivers license or other form of photo I.D.
3. If you have been referred by another doctor, please bring the Referral note.
4. Please bring any recent lab tests or imaging.
5. A complete list of ALL medications with doses that you use is required.
6. As your pupils will be dilated for the exam your vision will be quite blurry for 2-3 hours after the visit. You MAY NOT drive afterwards. You will need someone to accompany you to the visit.
7. Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your appointment time; this will allow you ample time to complete any forms that you have not completed already.

Medical Insurance & Elegibility

We will do our best to verify your current insurance coverage prior to your visit.You will be responsible for copayments or any deductible on the day of the appointment. At RCPR, we currently accept the following Medical Insurance Plans:

SSS Advantage
SSS Vital (With a Medical Referral Form)
MMM Vital (With a Medical Referral Form)
Humana Gold Plus
MCS Classicare
Fondo del Seguro del Estado (With a Medical Referral Form)
Plan de Socios del Hospital Auxilio Mutuo (With a Medical Referral Form)
Blue Cross/ Blue Shield

What to Expect the Day of Your Visit

If you are coming to one of our offices, we continue to follow safety guidelines from the American Academy of Ophthalmology ( and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are scheduling office visits strictly by appointment in order to preserve strict social distancing.

Patients should attend the office visit with a facial mask. Gloves are not required and, in fact, should be removed prior to entering the office.

When you arrive, you will be greeted by one of our receptionists, asked to apply hand cleanser and Patient Registration, Medical History forms and I.D. will be asked for. These forms are available HERE for download. Any other Forms will be provided for filling out.

Your Retinal evaluation will begin with a thorough medical and ocular history taking by an Ophthalmic Tecnician. Then Visual Acuity and Intraocular Pressure will be obtained. Your pupils will be dilated with eye drops. At this point you may undergo several tests such as Fundus Photography and OCT. You will then be examined by your Vitreoretinal Specialist. Depending on your findings, he or she may order other tests. This whole process may take approximately two hours. Retina Consultants of PR implements COVID-19 pandemic Safety Measures.

Physician Referrals

Most of our patients are referred to us by other medical professionals, but we do accept all patients with retina problems. If you have been referred to us by a physician or optometrist, please bring the Consultation Request Form since it provides a clear explanation of your eye problems as assessed by your referring physician.

Physician Referrals Form